Prof. Hassan Abol-Enein  started his career in 1983 in the Hospital of the University of Mansoura, where he works today. Since 2004 he serves as Director of the Centre Urologiczno-Nephrology. In 1995-1996 he worked as a lecturer and instructor in the Department of Urology, operating at the University of Mainz (Germany). Since 2006 he is also employed as a Visiting Professor in the Vattikuti Urology Insitute Henry Ford Hospital (USA).

PhD urology obtained on the basis of work “Role of chemoterapy in Treatment of Invasive Bladder Cancer”, the theme was hearing habilitation thesis “extramural serous Lined Valve for Reflux Prevention and Continent Cutaneous Urinary Diversion”.

Of particular interest prof. H. Abol-Eneina is the treatment of bladder cancer, in particular urinary ponadpęcherzowe after cystectomy. He is the author of innovative technologies in the creation of bubbles rectal, urinary and tight tanks antireflux uretero-intestinal anastomoses. Most of the new types of operations preceded the experimental studies on animals with the assessment of long-term results, as well as insightful analysis of the metabolic consequences of their clinical use.

Most of the 102 publications included in the most prestigious journals Urology is the result of research collaboration with leading urological world.

Professor H. Abol-Enein is an active lecturer. Already delivered 88 papers at international conferences urology. In 19 cases it was the invited speaker, and 6 perform demonstration operations (Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Kuwait, Germany, Poland).  He is a member of seven international scientific societies, reviewer of 6 scientific journals and chairman of the Scholarship Committee SIU.

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