Domenico Veneziano is a Urologist, Fellow of the European Board of Urology from 2012. His main fields o interest are mini-invasive surgery, education and simulation technologies. Domenico Veneziano organized and coordinated various courses and “hands on” training sessions in Europe, focusing on different learning topics. He is a Laparoscopic “Hands on Training” tutor for European Urological Residents Education Programme (EUREP) from 2012. He designed and built the “Camera Handling Trainer”, currently used by EAU to teach laparoscopic camera navigation skills. He is actually working for the University of Minnesota and achieved one of the first “simulation fellowships” accredited by the American College of Surgeons.

 In the last year contributed to the design of different training tools and took part to several international congresses to show the latest updates in the field of urological training.

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